Queen Kapiolani Hotel

Okay, quick shout out blog post to the cutest, best hotel choice I could have made for my trip! I stayed at Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Waikiki. It had recently re-opened after renovation and it is conveniently located, modern, and still authentically Hawaiian. Not only does it have the BEST views of diamond head, it... Continue Reading →

Hawaii has been on my bucket list since well...forever. Not only is Hawaii beautiful, but the Hawaiian spirit and culture has always resonated with me. When I found out my sister was doing a domestic exchange semester at the University of Hawaii at Manoa I knew I HAD to plan a trip. I went at... Continue Reading →

So I really need to get better about updating this blog! Anyways, this past September, my sister and I took a a trip to you guessed it - Walt Disney World. We went the first week of September, right after Labor Day. I highly suggest visiting at this time. School is starting all over the... Continue Reading →

It's summer which means there is no better time of year to go to a country concert! I haven't been to Fenway in years and was so excited to experience a concert here. The line up included Jon Pardi and Sam Hunt. We got there just as Jon Pardi was ending but we were able... Continue Reading →

So for this blog post I want to talk about a city that is underrated - Orlando. Now you’re probably thinking, what do you mean underrated? Millions of people travel to Orlando each year! ...I mean Downtown Orlando...the actual city of Orlando. Orlando is absolutely massive, you can live 25 mins away from downtown like... Continue Reading →

San Francisco

Two days after we got home from the cruise, I hopped on a plane to California! I literally dumped out everything in my suitcase & packed it up again - laundry galore when I got back lol! This was a work trip to attend a conference that focused on marketing and social media in the... Continue Reading →

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