Cape Cod Weekend

Ah there’s nothing quite like Cape Cod in the summer. There’s actually nothing quite like a New England summer. I wish I got to spend a little more time in the cape this summer but you know, life happens, so I’ll gladly take a weekend stay.

My siblings and I went down for my moms birthday. She rented a house for the week in Dennis and we stayed there. It was such a cute rental with a nice outdoor deck/patio area and outdoor shower.

I got down there on a Saturday night and once we arrived we went to Mayflower Beach to watch the sunset. It was so crowded even at 7:30 at night. We’ve always loved Mayflower and it’s always been a popular beach but wow the crowds are making it a little different now. Anyways, the the sunset was beautiful. I love a good sunset and I love the beach. The moment my feet hit the water ahhh. Bliss.

The next day we planned to a beach day, but of course it rained. Seriously what is up with all of the rain this summer? So instead we did a little shopping in the morning and then went to Nakabout Brewery. There was live 70’s music and we played cards – so fun! Side note: does anyone shop at Cuffys? It’s a Cape Cod tradition so I feel the need to go there every year, but every year I am disappointed and buy nothing 😂 It’s not all it’s hyped up to be in my opinion.

That night my sister and I went to get lobster rolls at Sesuit Harbor Cafe – the best lobster rolls if you ask us. We then went to Cold Storage Beach in hopes of a sunset even though with the weather we knew it would only be grey skies lol. To finish the night we had ice cream from the Ice Cream Smuggler and had a jam session in the car. That night my brothers arrived from the Vineyard (they have been working there for the summer).

On Monday we took a boat out all day! We left out of Sesuit Harbor marina, part of Freedom Boat Club. It was SO fun to be out on the ocean all day. We packed food and played music all day. After being out on the water for a few hours we docked to get out and swim. There was a channel of water a little ways down the beach from where we docked and we all decided to swim across because why not?? We thought we were being very adventurous because it dropped off immediately. Well…it was only that one spot that was deep and about 10 feet into the channel we found ourselves standing 😂

It was such a fun, quick, trip. Already looking forward to when I get to go back since it probably won’t be again this summer. Spending time in the ocean/on the water is always so revitalizing and refreshing. Until next time Cape Cod.


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