Review of Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Review blog! I recently stayed at Pop Century in February 2021. This blog is going to breakdown a review of the resort. This is my 12th Disney resort so I have a lot to compare it too. I have stayed in a variety of resorts, from value to deluxe villas. I will say, I am more of a moderate/deluxe girl and my family was in the Disney Vacation club, so my opinion may be a little skewed based on that.

Arrival – smooth, no complaints! We took the magical express from MCO to Pop. I am so sad they are getting rid of this service in 2022. It’s so convenient and takes the stress out of figuring out airport transportation. We did online check in so we received a room number in the My Disney Experience app and went straight to the room once we arrived. I highly recommend doing online check in and skipping the front desk.

Room – the location we got was perfect! We were in the 60’s section of the resort which is located right outside the Classic Hall lobby. I did request and pay for a preferred room and I personally would recommend this as it was totally worth it. A lot of Disney resorts are so spread out that the walks to all the amenities can get really long. We were a short walk to the lobby/dining/buses, the pool was right outside our room, and our building was also the closest to the skyliner. If you are planning on staying at Pop, I would recommend requesting the 50s, 60s, and 70s section if possible. The 80’s and 90’s were just a little to far from everything in my opinion.

Now for the actual interior of the room. I should have taken pictures when we first arrived of a clean, untouched room but after that it was too late 😂 All the rooms have been recently refurbished and they are such a step up from what they were before. They now have wood vinyl floors, a Murphy bed, large television, and completely redone bathrooms with ample storage and the shower was all new as well.

Overall the rooms are very nice, however for me something was missing. I feel this way about a lot of the modern renovations Disney is doing at a lot of the resorts. They are absolutely better than before though. The room was very clean and comfortable for the two of us. I could see the space being small for a group of 3 or 4.

Transportation – Pop Century has bus transportation and the Skyliner. The Skyliner is a HUGE addition to this resort and a big selling point. It was part of the reason I chose this resort to have access to the Skyliner. The bus wait times weren’t terrible by Disney standards. You can expect long lines around park open times. They are currently seating the buses one party at a time and with dividers to allow for social distancing on the buses. Overall I feel the wait time for buses were the same if not better than usual.

The Skyliner is amazing. I think this is such a good addition to WDW. It is so convenient, the lines continuously move and are never stagnant, and the rides are short and fun. Going to Hollywood Studios from Pop was a breeze it was so easy and fast. If you’re deciding which value resort to stay at, the Skyliner IS the selling point for Pop Century.

Dining – overall the options were good for a Value resort. There is only one quick service option but I found there was enough variety for all meals. Currently mobile order is the only option. You order on the app, select “I’m here”, and then they begin prepping the food. Once your order is ready it will alert you on the app and you can enter to pick up your food at the allotted station. I loved mobile order. I have never done it before on Disney property but it is so easy.

Final thoughts – I enjoyed our stay at Pop Century. It’s my goal to stay at all Disney resorts at least for 1 night, so it was great to add another one to my list. For me, the atmosphere just can’t compare to moderate and deluxe resorts. This goes for all value resorts. That being said, of all the Value resorts, I think Pop Century is the best option. (I haven’t stayed at AoA yet but I have stayed at two of the All Stars).

Here’s my recommendations:

Do stay:

-If you are on a budget.

-If you will be spending a majority of the time in the parks and the room is really only a place to eat and shower.

-You have young kids who would love the theming.

-You want transportation options other than just the bus.

Skip this resort:

-If you like a quieter & more relaxed atmosphere.

-You will be spending a lot of time in the room and accommodation space and interior are a big factor.

-You are looking for more than one dining option at your resort.

-You enjoy additional amenities.

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