Charleston, SC

This was my first time going back on a plane during COVID times. Before I go on, I will note we traveled safely, wore masks, and got tested.

Okay onto the trip details! This was a last minute trip for a wedding and I’m so glad we went and a big thank you to the bride and groom for including us in the big day.

We flew JetBlue and the airport/plane experience felt very safe. Our flight was earlier so naturally the airport is emptier during this time, but truly I have never seen Logan airport so empty. It did start to get busier as the day went on and right up to boarding, but definitely nowhere near normal crowds. The plane was pretty full but every middle seat was left open and beverage and snack service was limited to a pre-packaged bag with a water and 2 snacks – which honestly, I thought was great.

We stayed at the Francis Marion hotel and it was located in such a convenient place to walk around and explore downtown Charleston. As soon as we checked in, we dropped our bags and got lunch at JohnKing Diner. We picked the first spot that looked good and it ended up being a great choice. I got a Buffalo chicken wrap and a Brasberry Fizz. I can’t remember what exactly was in the drink but it was a white claw, vodka, and something blueberry flavored. It was all delicious. Following that we met up with some of Nick’s co-workers and some others there for the wedding at Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub. We finished off the night with a wedding welcome party at Uptown Social. The entire upstairs deck was private for the wedding guests and it was SO fun.

The next day was the wedding day!!! We started the morning off with breakfast at Virginia on King’s. I ordered the breakfast sandwich on a biscuit, it was good but not the best. And dang are true southern biscuits filling. I could barely finish the thing. After that we walked around downtown to do a little shopping and walked to Rainbow Row and the pineapple fountain. After that we hung back at the hotel for a little bit and grabbed lunch and napped to prep for the night. I ordered room service from the Swamp Fox, just a simple turkey club and fries, but it was honestly so much better than I was expecting. I ate the whole meal this time lol!

Now for the wedding, I won’t provide a lot of personal details as that’s not my place to do so, but it was STUNNING. It was held at Magnolia Plantation and I felt like I stepped into a fairytale. The ceremony was beautiful and took place under live southern oak trees (I think that’s the correct name) and then the reception took place at the main building. It was all just so perfect! I love love and I’m so happy for the newlyweds.

The next day we headed back home! The airport experience was pretty much identical to when we came down. Busy-ish but nowhere near normal. It was so nice to have this little getaway and enjoy a stunning wedding.

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