Mayflower Beach/Cape Day Trip!

One of my favorite places in MA, okay my actual favorite place, is Cape Cod. I grew up vacationing here every single summer with my family and it holds fond childhood memories and it now has grown to be one of my favorite places.

We take day trips to Mayflower Beach in Dennis often. This beach is very popular and the parking lot fills up quickly so we always get up super early to get there in time so we don’t have to wait. We got there around 8:30 this trip and the parking lot was already half full. I personally love getting to beach early – the morning calmness, sound of waves crashing and being one of the first few people there is blissful.

We soaked up the sun for a few hours, went on a few walks, and pulled our chairs right up to the water. I swam a few times as well because I just can’t stay out of the water – I love to swim and float over the waves!

After the beach we went to Sesuit Harbor Cafe to get lobster rolls. Lobster rolls are truly one of my summer pleasures, I can’t get enough of them. Once we finished eating we decided to just drive around for a little bit and do some shopping. We bought matching sister bracelets which we were both really happy about. We’ve wanted the classic Cape Cod bracelets for a while so I splurged and got two! Once we decided we did enough spending we hit the road to head home ending another great day on the Cape!

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