Hawaii Day 2 – Malasadas, Botanical Garden, Kayaking

Day 2! We had planned to start the day hiking Diamond Head but by the time we got there the parking lot was full and we didn’t have time to wait since we had a reservation for Kayaking at 1pm!

However this meant with our morning more vacant than we had expected, we had time to kill. So we filled it with Leonard’s Bakery and the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. It’s funny how the things you don’t plan tend to end up as the most enjoyable. The botanical garden was seriously one of my favorite parts of the trip!

But before I get to that – malasadas! OMG, they really live up to the hype. The line out the door says it all. They were so good I went twice on my trip. My favorite was the regular malasada and the strawberry filled.

After we stopped at Leonards Bakery, it was on to the botanical garden. It was just so beautiful and picturesque. It was unlike any scenery I had seen before in person. We were driving with the top down on the Jeep listening to music just enjoying being there – it was one of the moments where I just had to pinch myself.

After that we headed to Kayaking in Kailua. The weather was unfortunately veryyy overcast for Kayaking which I was bummed about, but what can you do? We rented from Kailua Beach Adventures which I would definitely recommend. Just be prepared to to have to haul the kayak about 10-15 minutes down to the beach.

We rented the kayaks for half day (4 hours) so we had plenty of time to explore. Since it was so overcast it was really hard to see into the water. We didn’t jump in and swim but we did dock at a “flat island” off the shore!

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