Hawaii Day 1 – Exploring Waikiki and Pearl Harbor

Woo first full day! Boy was I happy to be waking up in Hawaii – felt surreal! My sister had to work in the morning which meant I was off on my own to explore Waikiki.

I decided to wake up and just walk around Waikiki and get breakfast! I had my sights set on a place called Island Vintage Coffee as my sister and dad had suggested it. I looked it up on the map and told myself I could find it…. well tourist me ended up at the wrong place and didn’t realize until after I ordered. Oh well! I had breakfast at Honolulu Coffee Company (sounds close right? Classic mix up? Ah ok 🤷🏼‍♀️) Anyways, it was delicious, I got an açaí bowl and iced coffee!

After breakfast it was more walking around just taking in scenery and the beaches. Earlier in the morning a stranger offered to take my photo in front of diamond head while the sun was rising – score!

After that I took some time to relax, tan, and swim in Waikiki beach and then get some shave ice!

Once my sister got off work, we decided to take the Jeep cruising and then visit Pearl Harbor. The tours/visiting of the USS Arizona were closed for repair when we went so we walked around the main area and read the memorials and visited the museum. Very very powerful. The weight of such a massive event in US history could be felt every where. I’m grateful to have been able to visit.

After that we headed back to Waikiki for dinner and took in the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen! Ahh what a perfect first day in Hawaii.

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