Day 4 – Diamond Head and Flying Home

Ugh my last day in Hawaii! I wish I could have stayed a full week but ya girl is on a budget.

I woke up bright and early to make it to diamond head before the parking lot was full and to still give myself enough time to get back to the hotel and shower before check out.

Welp turns out it’s never too early to get to diamond head because the lot was full when I pulled in roughly 6:55/7am. Bummer. I really thought I just wasn’t going to be able to hike. Luckily as I was driving out there was 1 parking spot left in a small lot down the road, so I parked there and walked up to the entrance. It’s a $1 fee for anyone entering the trail.

As soon as I entered the trail it began to rain. It was a light rain and bearable so I wasn’t going to let that ruin my hike. Let’s just say the rain was a blessing because when it passed there was a double rainbow! Another pinch-me moment as I’m standing at the top of Diamond Head looking out at the ocean and Oahu with a double rainbow. WOW. This was another favorite moment of my trip.

After the hike, I checked out of the hotel and grabbed breakfast at Island Vintage Coffee. Easily one of my favorite local “chain” restaurants/cafe. I had the best açaí bowl ever that morning! After that, I decided to just drive the Jeep around and continue to explore, stopped at Leonard’s Bakery again, got some more shave ice, and stopped at Hanauma Bay! After that, I stopped at my sister’s dorm to say goodbye and headed to the airport! Bye Hawaii 👋🏻😢 I was so so sad to leave but so grateful for an amazing trip. I’ll be back someday!

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