Hawaii! Travel Day & Arriving!

Hawaii has been on my bucket list since well…forever. Not only is Hawaii beautiful, but the Hawaiian spirit and culture has always resonated with me. When I found out my sister was doing a domestic exchange semester at the University of Hawaii at Manoa I knew I HAD to plan a trip.

I went at the end of February, the weather was absolutely perfect. I was taking this trip by myself to visit her. I have flown many times alone but never this long of travel or so far away. In hindsight the trip was a personal growth experience which I wasn’t really expecting. Yes I was visiting my sister, but I was solo actually traveling, staying at the hotel and even for some sight seeing.

Let’s talk the flight…LONG! Leaving out of Boston in the winter is always a gamble and of course there was a storm the morning I left. My flight was cancelled. I panicked. Luckily American Airlines was able to place me on an earlier flight that was still somehow going out despite the storm. 4 hour flight to Dallas, 1 hour layover, then 9 hour flight to Honolulu. I was exhausted by the time I got there.

I was so happy when I arrived. The warmth immediately hits you and “Aloha” begins to appear on signs everywhere.

I rented a Jeep Wrangler for my trip…best decision ever. Highly suggest renting a car to see the island. But driving around Oahu, top down on the Jeep, taking in the beautiful island scenery….priceless.

After a long travel day, I could wait to sleep lol. But really couldn’t wait to start exploring!

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