Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

So I really need to get better about updating this blog! Anyways, this past September, my sister and I took a a trip to you guessed it – Walt Disney World.

We went the first week of September, right after Labor Day. I highly suggest visiting at this time. School is starting all over the country so the crowds at Disney are much lighter than other times of the year.

This was both of our first time staying at The Boardwalk and it has easily made it into my top 5 resorts (maybe even top 3). Here’s why:

-Atmosphere: Like any Disney resort, there is a story being told. You feel transported into another world. The boardwalk has a turn of the century, seaside, circus vibe and I loved it. The rooms are beautiful. We had a one bedroom villa on the first floor. The boardwalk itself has plenty of shops and restaurants and at night the boardwalk truly comes to life. There is always something to do at this resort. I loved that it was quiet and relaxing during the day but got more vibrant at night.

-Location: Nestled right in between Epcot and Hollywood studios, the boardwalk is just a short walk (or boat ride) away from both parks. It is also located right next door to the Swan & Dolphin and Yacht & Beach Club resorts. All are within walking distance to explore.

-Food: The food here does not disappoint, and there are plenty of options. Some of our favorites were ESPN club and the Boardwalk bakery.

The only negative? That dang clown slide at the pool!!! (So creepy lol) Disney please refurbish it!

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