Downtown Orlando

So for this blog post I want to talk about a city that is underrated – Orlando. Now you’re probably thinking, what do you mean underrated? Millions of people travel to Orlando each year! …I mean Downtown Orlando…the actual city of Orlando.

Orlando is absolutely massive, you can live 25 mins away from downtown like we did & you’re still in an Orlando zip code. I am obviously obsessed with Disney and I will admit that I rarely left the Disney bubble, until I got a job Downtown and was forced to go there daily. Now don’t get me wrong, I moved to Florida for Disney and still spent most of my time there. However, I grew to have an appreciation of Downtown Orlando and all that is really has to offer.

Lake EolaThe Lake Eola area is beautiful. There are tons of offices in the area which equals job opportunities + amazing office views. With a walking path that wraps around the entire lake & a fountain as the centerpiece, it makes for a great place to walk and spend the afternoon! Check out the Swan boats if you get the chance!

Restaurants – Orlando has so many great places to eat, it’s a good Foodie city. Some of my favorites I was introduced to are Gringos Locos & East End Market (specifically Gideon’s cookies). Some other great ones are Artisans Table, Dexters, Santiago’s Bodega and Ace Cafe.

Neighborhoods – There are many districts of Orlando and each is unique. Thornton Park, Mills 50, Church Street District, Ivanhoe Village and more!

The Future – There’s lots of exciting things coming to Orlando – theme parks aside. The recently built Camping World Stadium just opened and it’s beautiful (home of the Orlando City Soccer team) and the I-4 Ultimate project is underway and has many exciting additions coming besides just highway expansion.

All in all, check out Downtown Orlando if you get the chance! It’s no Disney but totally worth the visit 😉

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