Walt Disney World Character Performer Auditions

This month I did something that I have been wanting to do for the longest time.  I’m not really sure why i waited so long other than the fact I just always felt like the timing wasn’t right. Being in Walt Disney World Entertainment is a dream of mine, it may never happen and I’m okay with that – I’m just glad I got to experience an audition. For anyone wondering how auditions go, here is a little breakdown (without giving too much away). Note: this was a general character audition not look alike.

When you show up at the DAK costuming & rehearsal facility you walk into the audition room and the Casting Directors will give you a number and then you sign in. I  arrived 15 minutes before the audition time and was number 333, this was the first character audition posted in a while so there was a lot of people there, however I have heard that is a pretty normal turn out for most auditions.

I wore leggings, sneakers, a racer-back tank, sports bra, and hair half up half down with light make up.  I found this to be what most of the other girls were wearing.  Sporty cute is how I would advise anyone to dress for a Disney audition.

Next, they broke us up into two groups and taught us two eight counts of choreography.  Ive been a dancer my whole life so it was easy to pick up, however even if you have never danced before you will be able to do this portion.  Once they finish teaching the choreography they will have you practice a few times and then you will be lined up by number to go across the floor.  In my audition, it was 5  of us at a time and we only went across the floor once doing the choreography 3 times in a row. A casting director was sitting at the end of the room and entering the numbers to move forward.  After this round ended, my number was called to move on to the next round – I was so excited.

Now, we all were brought into another room to join in with the girls from the other group who made it.  This is where they measured our heights. No cuts were made after measurements.

We were then brought into another room and this round included animation and dance.  The dance this round was so fun to perform! The routine was very easy to pick up, if you aren’t a dancer this round will be a little harder but still completely do-able. Once they had us practice the animation portion and finished choreography, we were all brought out into the hallway to line up.  They called us in in groups of 6.  We had to perform the dance twice in a row and then do the animation.  The animation portion was set to music and lasted about a minute – this part was definitely the hardest for me.

Once everyone was finished, they called us all back in and the made their final cuts. Sadly I didn’t make it past this round. I felt like I gave the audition my best and I am so glad I went.  It was worth it just for the experience alone. If you’re thinking about going to an audition, GO!




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